Hey !! I'm back :)

Hey ! I'm very big sorry. Because I have a exam and I'm hard working .But I'm hear . I'm bought new Canon. I love it :) #travel #back #teen #beauty ????


Bursa er en av Tyrkias 81 provinser. Provinsens areal er 11 087 km. I 2010 hadde Bursa 2 605 495 innbyggere og administrasjonssenteret ligger i byen Bursa.Provinsen ligger nordvest i Tyrkia og gre...

Championnnnn !!!!!

Hey today I'm champion .!!!!!

Heyy !!!

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Hi ! You are follow me guys !!! Instagram,Twitter,,Polyvore,Tumblr

Friends <3

Hi !! Today I'm was here in training center. Very bored . Her name Seyda . She is my best friend. Always we are together :) Xx-Yara

Brother <3

He is my heart. I love he so much. His name Eren. He is 4 years old. Eren is ver ver sweet,shy,generous and funny. We are always play computer game. He isn't go to school. I love he and you. Thank ...


Hey !! These are my best clothes. I'm also using POLYVORE. Follow me baby. xx. -Yaren


Hi guys ! I'm new in . I feeling very good. Because this blog is my dream. And I want to be in dress designer. Ow sorry I'm forget. I'm YAREN. I'm from Turkey. I love one direction . I'm 1...


14, Trondheim

Hi ! I am new in here . I am 13 years old.My birthday 18 october . Always sharing dress,photo and advice. I will be dress designer. I am directioner. This year I am not always here.Wait me guys !!!! NOTE: I don't know Norwegian So I am speak English. I love you XOXO

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